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"Amaze Away is Awesome. I use it in my Homeschool for organizing" Erica 

"This product is long over due." Diane 

"I am truly amazed at how easily this product works!!" Vickie

"Wow. That removed FAST!" Lorrie

"I was just telling my husband we need something like this so avoid those annoying post its we do. This product was made for us." Mina 

"This is amazing...not only could I use this in my craft and sewing room but my husband uses Sharpie markers on everything..." Judy

"Sounds like an interesting product. I could use it for marking freezer items and leftovers etc." Traci

"A product every parent should have!" Naeemah from Restore Order Professional Organizing

"I absolutely love it. I would not promote it if I didn't!" Nicole from Half Mom Half Amazing

"Wow! How long did it take for someone to develop this great/needed product! :-)" Val

"We had a chance to use the product and were very impressed with the way it worked." Lindsey from Clean My Space

"I have many plastic bins with incorrect labels from permanent markers. This looks like a great product. I have tried rubbing alcohol before but it always left a mild image. It just lightened it, especially if it was old marker." Terri

"Amaze Away!! finally a product that actually does what it is suppose to :) We have needed this for years" Amy

What people are saying about AMAZE AWAY

"I have been marking and erasing all sorts of plastic today. I love your product!" Jamie

"Nice. Finally a way to remove marker. I won't have to cover up my marker label with a paper label to let me know what's in a container. So happy that Amazon carries it too." Linda

"Wow that sure is easy enough!...I think this is a must have in my house and probably most houses!" Jeanie