• ​Get your pack of 2 Amaze Away permanent marker removers TODAY! 

  • Convenient portable spray bottles with clip caps.

  • Keep one in the kitchen and one in the garage or craft room.

  • Makes a great gift for the home and office.


  • Start labelling in marker! No more fear! Write on those plastic containers, glass jars and more.

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  • ​Have you ever wished you could just use a marker to label your plastic containers and not ruin them?

  • Tired of using taped on labels and then having to remove the glue from the container! It drove me crazy!

  • How about forgetting which drink was yours or your kid(s) at a gathering or party?

  • Imagine being the first to Amaze your friends with a little show and tell, while making All your plastic and glass labelling Fast and Easy!

  • With your purchase Today of this Money Back Guaranteed, Non-Toxic, Patent Pending, NEW Amaze Away remover, those issues and more will be solved!

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Labelled in permanent marker


  • Pantry, fridge and freezer containers like TUPPERWARE, RUBBERMAID, ZIPLOC and others.

  • Mason canning jars and lids like BERNARDIN, BALL, KERR and more.

  • Storage bins in the garage, under the bed and in the closet

  • Scrapbooking and craft room storage drawers

  • Cleaning whiteboards like new

        ... AND SO MUCH MORE

 ​Amaze Away is a One of a Kind permanent marker remover. It was Specifically Designed to remove from Plastics, but also works on Glass, Metal Lids and much more. The reason we invented it was for the large need and demand in the market for something that would make labelling containers easy!

 We heard from MANY women and some men in a very wide age range that were scrapbookers, crafters, organizers, teachers, in Tupperware, did food preserving/ canning and more. The number one complaint they've had for decades was, "How can I label this". They didn't want to use a label maker all the time, deal with stickers or messy tape and they didn't like having to guess what was in their containers or the date something was made. They were looking for a Simple and Easy way to label. That's what Amaze Away allows you to do! Permanent marks can be of any colour, years old or freshly written. It makes no difference! So get your markers out and START Labelling.​ Patent Pending

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